On Our Farm

Our mission: To spread joy by growing beautiful flowers for our community using sustainable agricultural practices. 



We haul in tons of rich black compost from a local Dairy Farm and apply a thick layer to our garden beds in the spring. This gives our plants a great start, enriches the soil, and feeds the plants throughout the summer.


Farm History

Our land has been farmed since the 1700's. For many years it was a Dairy farm with milk cows that roamed the pastureland. The Dairy barn burnt down in the 1970's but two silos still stand tall along its foundation.  Before we tilled up a parcel of the land to plant flowers it was a hay field for our neighbor's Dairy cows.


Sustainable Practices

Growing healthy plants is the best preventative against pest and disease pressures in the garden. When a problem does arise, we use only organically approved methods of pest control to keep our family and farm as safe and healthy as possible.



Thanks for joining us here at Meadow Brook Farm! We are so excited to be growing beautiful cut flowers for you! This has been a dream of mine for a number of years and I am so excited to be making it a reality. Glenn retired from Dairy farming this past year so we tilled up a piece of our land and started planting. Glenn has grown roses for his own enjoyment for many years and I studied horticulture in college so with a lot of prayer and a little know how - we began!  Together with the help of our children we hope to offer cut flower bouquets all summer long. Follow along with our journey on instagram @48meadowbrook or on our Blog posts. Thanks for visiting!