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Our goal is to breed sweet tempered, loyal dogs that will make great companions for years to come. We use an English Cream Golden Sire to reduce the incidence of cancer in their genes and we love their light colored coats!

We offer families a choice of puppies in the order that we receive a deposit. We do not take deposits until we have a female bred. Deposits do not guarantee a puppy but secure your place in line to choose a puppy from that particular litter. 


Meadow Brook

English Ivy

Ivy's litter Jan 2020

Ivy is due in August to Chase


Meadow Brook

Kala Lillie


Kala is due in August to Chase 

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Rus Pekos Ford

English Cream Golden - imported from Russia

  • Clearances for Eyes, Hips, & Heart

  • Ichthyosis negative